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UMNIXOK INNOVATION Valencian-based SME specialized in innovation of construction processes, that promotes, together with several university centres, various scientific supporters and private companies from construction field, the technological development of U Builder project.  


U Builder. Smart Building Interface it´s a concept of multi-tasking robot that operates through a core element – universal assembling interface and is

capable of setting and managing the numerous mechanical and robotic applications in practically all the actual building systems, while at the same time it can also adjust to any future architectural challenges.

The concept is envisaged as manually-operated device that progressively includes to its platform different  U apps, as well as programmable and automatic tasks. The elements introduced by BIM-technologies, such as sensitive detection, 3d planning etc provide the management of virtual

projects, following-up and progress reports, quality control of implementation, interaction with stuff or access to others U-Builder units.


Set up directly or on our Jib U-Builder can be easily and safely assembled to different crane-based systems, among which: Spider cranes

Telescopic cranes

Articulated slewing cranes

Heavy cranes

Depending on size, resistance and crane´s scope of reach as well as on the building processes intended to perform, we will choose the most appropriate model of U-Builder.  The design of U-Builder allows it to have literally “at hand” any tool at any moment in any spot of working area.


The construction of U-Builder supposes for it to assemble quickly and automatically a large number of mechanical and robotic U-apps essential to the implementation process of any building activities, first on manual level and progressively, include the programmable tasks.


Mechanical Apps:

Smart crane/hook, Lifting basket, heavy/Light Grapple hand, Transpallet Forklift, Concrete Pumping, Hammer, Drill, Power float, etc…

Robotic Apps:

Light grapple hand, Surfacer (projected, surfaces, painting, waterproofing ), Welding, Lay out, 3dPrinting, etc…



The progress observed in the fields of industrial robotics and multiple areas of artifical intelligence and visión, 3d-mapping etc encourage the development of U-Builder concept towards gradual automation of all the building processes.

It is a unit provided with artificial vision and 3d-mapping function, capable of recognizing and distributing of heavy elements, welding structures, projecting surfaces and even tridimensional printing in a completely autonomous way.

BIM-integrated software/Hardware is intended for management and implementation of the projects, quality control, progress rate and interaction with other units and stuff in a coordinated and safe manner.  


Game-changing idea.

A new paradigm that changes the rules of the game: flexible, scalable and global.

Worldwide market

The building industry in itself represents the 10% of global GDP.

Huge growth margin.

In a sector poorly automated so far, the margin of technological impact is immense.

Unprecedented entrepreneurial diversifiation.

Robots, Apps, construction, services, contents, training.

Realistic, economically viable and efficient development plan.

Think big, act small.

High profitability.

Sustained growth at the beginning, high profitability at the middle phase and huge perspectives in the long run.


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